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I’m Julian Northbrook, and by coming here you’ve made an important step in changing the way you speak English… forever.

In the summer of 2007, I got on a plane bound for Tokyo, Japan.

I had a job interview lined up for a great position at an art gallery in Harajuku, a fashionable part of Tokyo. I felt sure life was going to be awesome.

I felt sure life was going to be awesome.

Only it wasn’t.

I got turned down for the job.

Why? Because, quite simply, my Japanese was crap. I was fully qualified and had everything the gallery needed – apart from the fact that I spoke Japanese like a two-year-old with mental health problems.

From there I suffered three long, painful years feeling embarrassed about my poor language skills, feeling stupid every time I spoke, and frustrated as hell because I just didn’t know what to do in order to improve. Eventually, I worked out what I was doing wrong and mastered the language, but the journey there was a long, painful one.

In my book, Master English FAST, An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English, I walk you through the entire English-mastery process.

But the whole system takes time and effort. And I know you want a boost in your English abilities RIGHT NOW.

So what I’ve done is this…

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